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Games So, the Xbox One disaster continues. Microsoft's policy for dealing with the used games market has reportedly leaked - and it's a clear and direct attack to destroy the used games market. Prices for used games will be set at the retail value of a new game, and retailers have to hook into Microsoft's computer systems and comply with Microsoft's terms and conditions.
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Planning? Making the one disc work on any console does not require "planning". It comes free. Let's not start bending the language as if it requires any effort on Microsoft's part to 'allow' us simple freedoms.

This whole disc-registration system took a lot of people a long time and a lot of money to plan, design and implement. Robbing people of their right to trade discs does not come intrinsically with the hardware and Microsoft have to invest time and effort in making this freedom available, it's the other way around!

Words like "planning", "enabling" are weasel words. Freedom comes free, with no effort required. You do not "enable" a second-hand market, it just is. You do not "plan" how a second-hand market works, it happens on its own without Microsoft's blessing.

I swear one day we'll be cheering Microsoft / Apple / Google for "allowing" us to "lend" our games to select, authorised friends under strict conditions -- AND at a reasonable price! :|

AAA gaming is going down the pan. The plug has been pulled on consumers. You can either be in the vortex as it swirls down the plughole or you can watch from the sidelines.

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And you have the freedom not to buy an Xbox One. If you don't like how it works ... don't buy one.

Also Steam, Origin and UPlay do exactly the same thing and nobody batters an eyelid. The level of hypocrisy is astounding.

The reason why DRM and other nasty tactics like this have come into fashion is because it makes piracy harder for most people, because games in the last decade have been pirated to death.

Thom, You or someone else will pipe up and go "I want some proof" ... We all know it happens and all one has to do is go on the pirate bay and see how ridiculously easy it is.

If you think triple A releases are going anywhere soon you are a fool. Modern Warfare 3 sold I believe more than most Hollywood Movie releases in its first week.

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I still want proof. Sorry for opting for science instead of just regurgitating corporate speak. Some of us are independent.

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Also Steam, Origin and UPlay do exactly the same thing and nobody batters an eyelid. The level of hypocrisy is astounding.

Both Origin and UPlay suck arse, to be honest. I have never heard of anyone actually liking either service.

Valve atleast works hard to try and keep Steam relevant and improve it. Also, one of the reasons why people tend to give Steam more slack is because the games simply are cheaper than console games -- especially so if you just wait for the various sales that Valve arranges on Steam all around the year! What little I've checked in on PSN on the PS3, for example, their "sales" consist of a mere handful of titles and the price reduction is 5%-10% whereas Valve offers hundreds of games at reduced prices during both the summer and Christmas sales and even 90% reduction in price ain't unheard of.

Basically, getting games on the PC is leaps and bounds cheaper than on consoles. And because they're so much more expensive on consoles people want to be able to buy and sell used games so they can save a penny here, a penny there.

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Also Steam, Origin and UPlay do exactly the same thing and nobody batters an eyelid.

It's not the same thing when it involves physical media that have been purchased. And for the price I'm expected to pay for a new game I damn well own that copy.

because games in the last decade have been pirated to death.

And yet, the industry keeps growing an' growing and is profitable.

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I think thats why i don't buy games over steam anymore. Rather i buy them if i can over Gog. For the newer games i prefer a console so i can at least avoid DRM apps on my computer.
But it does get increasingly harder to avoid DRM these days. I actually stopped to buy newer games since i feel that there are not as good anymore.
The mass will buy whatever comes out and whats popular.
My kind of games are now in decline and so i look more on the indie front.

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Developers and publishers don't lose too much money on piracy because under copyright law piracy is illegal. Now if we had no copyright law, there would be no such thing as piracy.

The PS1, PS2, and PSP were pirated to death and they were very profitable for Sony, unfortunately Sony burned it all on the PS3 and recent business decisions.

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