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General Development "Today at TechEd, I announced Visual Studio 2013 and Team Foundation Server 2013 and many of the Application Lifecycle Management features that they include. [...] I will not, in this post, be talking about many of the new VS 2013 features that are unrelated to the Application Lifecycle workflows. Stay tuned for more about the rest of the VS 2013 capabilities at the Build conference."
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VS2013 is just a money grab for VS2012.3
by adkilla on Tue 4th Jun 2013 12:31 UTC
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Hope they fix the shitty C++ compiler in VS2012 before forcing another upgrade. Update 3 is supposedly scheduled for Q3 this year. Guess it won't happen now.

For example, this bug should be fixed before VS2013:

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moondevil Member since:

It won't happen, in case you don't follow MSDN blogs,

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If you're paying for Visual Studio, it is because you want to. There are a half dozen programs across Microsoft which includes VS as an added benefit.

I haven't paid for VS since 2005.

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adkilla Member since:

In your part of the world there may be many possibilities to get it for nothing. Not where I am at.

However, half assing it doesn't even begin to justify the upgrade mill MS is now pushing devs into. Upgrades also cost devs the effort and going through a new series of bugs. Things that were working in VS2010 borked in VS2012. How about the C++11 support they promised? What the point in rushing into a new VS?(probably more Metro goodness than before)

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