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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Jon Rubinstein, former CEO of Palm: "Well, I'm not sure I would have sold the company to HP. That's for sure. Talk about a waste. Not that I had any choice because when you sell a company you don't get to decide that. Obviously, the board and shareholders decide that. If we had known they were just going to shut it down and never really give it a chance to flourish, what would have been the point of selling the company? I think the deal we had with Verizon really hurt us, but who knew that at the time? These things are all hindsight."
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No. Meego/Maemo was nowhere near WebOS.

Don't bother, the Meego/Maemo fanboys won't listen to reason because they're too bitter/jealous about all the praise that webOS gets. And no wonder! Nokia had been trying to build a Linux-based mobile OS for what, 3-4 years before webOS' development was started? Then along came Palm, who took less than a year from the initial announcement to public release - something that Nokia STILL hadn't managed by that time. Palm beat Nokia at their own game, despite Nokia having a huge head start, so of COURSE Meego/Maemo fanboys are bitter about webOS (though they're much more butthurt over Windows Phone, of course).

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