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Google Reddit user mr03 created a very thorough visual comparison to show just how much Android has changed over the years. No text, just pictures. It's amazing how dated older releases look.
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Why complaining ?
by Kochise on Fri 21st Jun 2013 10:44 UTC
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Same icons ? Icons on a grid ? Why changing everything at each iteration, for God's sake ? Microsoft tried that with Modern UI, Apple with iOS 7, and now everyone complains because of the change !

You'll never be satisfied with what you get. "Uho, just an increase of screen resolution, 500 dpi is so useless because it drains the battery" or "Naaah, skeudomorphisms uber aless !"

I remember my Atari ST with its barely monochrome desktop and icons, no body complained and had the job done. Sometimes the KISS (Keep It Simple and Stupid) principle is a prerequisite !


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RE: Why complaining ?
by moondevil on Fri 21st Jun 2013 11:26 in reply to "Why complaining ?"
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I always found Workbench better. ;)

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RE[2]: Why complaining ?
by MOS6510 on Fri 21st Jun 2013 11:29 in reply to "RE: Why complaining ?"
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Workbench IS better.

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RE[2]: Why complaining ?
by Kochise on Fri 21st Jun 2013 12:52 in reply to "RE: Why complaining ?"
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Indeed. It had multitasking, what the Atari's TOS lacked of. Not to mention the numerous bugs and difficult expandability. But I digress...


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