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Apple "Apple's new iOS 7, which the company unveiled last week at its Worldwide Developer Conference, says a lot about the future of mobile devices because Apple owns the future of mobile devices." If you're an Apple fanatic, you're going to love this article. If you're not an Apple fanatic, you'll be shaking your head in disbelief that the once great AppleInsider runs stuff like this these days. Hey, there's always MacRumors - the last great bastion of proper Apple rumour reporting.
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RE: Comment by Wafflez
by phoudoin on Mon 24th Jun 2013 08:54 UTC in reply to "Comment by Wafflez"
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So, albeit having a good design, a way too restrited mobile OS is so a success that you will NOT buy any device running it because while more powerfull it does less than an way older device?

Is there is *any* logic here!?

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RE[2]: Comment by Wafflez
by Wafflez on Mon 24th Jun 2013 10:43 in reply to "RE: Comment by Wafflez"
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I'm just comparing two shits, and iOS > Android.

I can compare anything I like, you know.

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