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Windows Microsoft has released the Windows 8.1 preview for download, but they region-locked it to 13 specific languages, and Dutch is not one of them. So, even though my Surface RT has been completely and utterly English from the day I bought it, I can't install Windows 8.1 and tell you something about it. Those of you who can download it, why don't you tell us what it's like - or you can head to The Verge who got early access. In case you couldn't tell, I'm a little annoyed that we're arbitrarily being left out once again.
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RE[7]: Start Button Useless??
by phoenix on Wed 26th Jun 2013 20:27 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Start Button Useless??"
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Ask yourself, are you the guy that still uses "run" under Windows 7/8 rather than just type the command in and press enter?

For some things (like cmd), yes. For other things (like actual apps), no.

Do you launch Explorer and then use the search box?

Don't use Explorer except to explore folders. Don't even have a search box enabled in Windows Explorer anywhere. And never run Internet Explorer for any reason.

Do you waste hours of your life "optimising" the start menu heirarchy so you can find your applications "faster"?

Yes. I like things to be neat and orderly. Why bother with a search function if things are already organised and put where they need to be?

Do you open Control Panel and browse to an applet?

Yes. It's actually a lot simpler to find an icon that's always in the same space (muscle memory) and organised alphabetically than trying to read through a wall of text (default on 7) or trying to find the hidden search field (default on 7). Pictures are faster than words. And an organised list is better than a jumble.

Do you (and I feel dirty just saying this) still use folders to sort and find office documents rather than metadata and search?

Yes, because it's faster to find something if it's put away in its proper place. Organisational skills, and all that. The computer needs to get out of my way, and let me do things *MY* way. Afterall, the computer is *MY* tool.

Do you, perhaps, see no reason why metadata is better and more flexible than folders? (hint, folders only let data be in one place!)

And using both is somehow anathema? Do you really just leave your files all jumbled together in one single folder with no organisation of any kind?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions then you're in the minority, and should be using a Start replacement. Everyone else understands.

Actually, if you answered no to any of the above, you need to go back to elementary school for some lessons in cleanliness, organisation, alphabetising, and other non-language-based skills. In fact, if more people went back to elementary school and actually learned how to learn, the computer world would be a better place. All this stupid dumbing down of interfaces and removal of options would stop.

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