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Mozilla & Gecko clones "Mozilla today announced that the regional launches of Firefox OS smartphones will begin soon. Deutsche Telekom and Telefonica will release the first Firefox OS devices, the ALCATEL ONE TOUCH Fire and the ZTE Open, soon. Individual partners will announce specifics about launches in each market soon." Lots of soons in there.
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RE[6]: I think it's exciting
by Nelson on Thu 4th Jul 2013 03:53 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: I think it's exciting"
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I think this is premature given that asm.js by your own admission is a few months old. It might be the next big thing...or it might fizzle out and die.

The important take away is that it is pretty much in the same league as NaCL with regards to how much of a hack it is. This isn't a long term solution, and I hope you can acknowledge that.

Furthermore, using this as an example of how JS is getting faster (along with JS benchmarks which are relative to each other and not native code, ergo irrelevant) does not a coherent argument make.

The benefits of JS, and the reason some of the performance hit is justified is because it is an on the fly language which means that for anything but the hottest traces compilation is costly and time consuming.

Having apps which are known at install time, especially ones transpiled with optional typing can yield significant performance benefits if there is proper compiler support for it. You wouldn't believe how much faster you can be when you move beyond the least common denominator number type.

So there is a way forward in performance, certainly one more coherent than asm.js, but it isn't being actively used.

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