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Novell and Ximian Rumors circulating that Novell is going to kill off its popular Linux desktop lines are completely false. [However,] Novell is making one large strategic change. The GNOME interface is going to become the default interface on both the SLES and Novell Linux Desktop line. KDE libraries will be supplied on both, but the bulk of Novell's interface moving forward will be on GNOME. "The entire KDE graphical interface and product family will continue to be supported and delivered on OpenSuSE."
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which distro will be next to desert kde?
by on Sun 6th Nov 2005 01:22 UTC

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mandrake will be the next one to switch over to gnome as all the others are doing.

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It's a bit early to be saying something like that, besides Mandriva just finished purchasing Lycoris and all their stuff was KDE based.

Not every distribution is going Gnome, it's not like Gnome is really universally better than KDE. The reason Novell is going Gnome is because they're aiming for corporate customers, those corporate customers preffer Gnome because there's no Qt and no Qt licensing issues. With a GTK based desktop environment companies can have internal apps written, and then can distribute them later without having to worry about distributing source code, that isn't the case with Qt unless they also want to buy a very expensive license.

I really do like KDE and used to use and like Qt, but I have to say that Trolltech is crazy with their pricing and that is what is hitting KDE so hard.

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