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Novell and Ximian Rumors circulating that Novell is going to kill off its popular Linux desktop lines are completely false. [However,] Novell is making one large strategic change. The GNOME interface is going to become the default interface on both the SLES and Novell Linux Desktop line. KDE libraries will be supplied on both, but the bulk of Novell's interface moving forward will be on GNOME. "The entire KDE graphical interface and product family will continue to be supported and delivered on OpenSuSE."
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RE[6]: Developer's POV
by on Sun 6th Nov 2005 03:41 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Developer's POV"

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Im running on a slackware system. I assume that kde was compiled at the max -O2 when it comes to optimizations. -O2 is not l33t in anyway. It's stable and everything runs fine.

KDE crashes. I aint really go beyond that and blame anything but KDE. Its not that often so i dont really get on its case, but it does crash and i would expect that. In fact it was the 3.4 version that I used, and it might have been fixed in 3.4.1. who knows. Its a big project.... and I dont mind thinking that the kde developers are incapable of implementing "crash-free" code.

I mean umbrello is ick to me. Oh its better than visio, but it crashes way to often and I cant really get far with it. Prolly because I am a software designer, and I do use tools like this very often (though i stick with rational rose).

Anyways with the toolbar issue one thing is that i never saw gtk and gnome as the same thing. That screenshot doesnt really tell me anything. Having evenly sized toolbars across all apps for a DE is not a criterea for being usable, even creating a greater sense of integration. No DE provides what ur saying. There is a great deal of apps outside of the KDE packages that are created with the QT toolkit, but looks way off in size shape compared to other apps. Alot of people dont use the toolbar objects to develop their software..... and thats ok. Windows dont do it, OSX doesnt do it. Its a moot issue to me.

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