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Apple "All three major Russian cellcos have stopped selling the iPhone, the most dramatic instance so far in a rising tide of operator backlash against Apple's tough contractual requirements. VimpelCom has severed its ties with the handset provider, following in the footsteps of MTS and MegaFon. VimpelCom says it has put Samsung at the top of its list of smartphones to promote under its BeeLine brand. According to PhoneArena, VimpelCom blamed 'draconian contracts' and 'harsh conditions [...] especially in the marketing department' for its decision to dump the iPhone and sign a new deal with Samsung." Apple's treatment of carriers has long been a sore point, however, carriers didn't have much choice. Now that the iPhone is by far no longer the only big money maker, carriers have more leverage.
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RE[6]: Marketing...
by orfanum on Wed 17th Jul 2013 22:32 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Marketing..."
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You are still dodging!

So, it's nothing to do with the facts as we know them about Apple's strictures, it's nothing to do with the recent opening of an online Apple store with no mark-up for carriers (as reported by someone else) but it's apparently everything to do with the surmise that Samsung is using tactics that have nothing to do with open market conditions.

I still insist. Evidence, please.

As to that, you can take your faux-mellifluous manner and stick it wherever your limited education allows you to imagine.


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RE[7]: Marketing...
by BushLin on Wed 17th Jul 2013 22:43 in reply to "RE[6]: Marketing..."
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Oh... I get it, you're assuming I'm a Apple drone defending their corporate lock-ins and I'm pinning these events on illegal activity by Samsung.

Well, I'm not. You'll find I bash them just as much as anyone for unethical practices.

I just commented on someone's observation but you came along and made it all about how smart you are. Well, congratulations on your vocabulary but at the end of the day this experience has been no different to encountering a trolling prick. Bye.

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RE[8]: Marketing...
by orfanum on Thu 18th Jul 2013 08:39 in reply to "RE[7]: Marketing..."
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I don't care what you call me, whether it's 'Sir' one minute or 'prick' the next.

I am not assuming anything except the assertion you made, and I am calling you out on it.

One of my own last statements was "Evidence, please", which I feel is polite enough.

Blame in on a certain literary style, blame it on assuming I assume you are an Apple fanboi, but I would look closer to home if I were in your shoes, and you know that well enough yourself, or why else indeed stop yourself from going too far without evidence originally.

You don't even have the gumption to say straight what you have implied; all you'd need to do is say something along the lines of "In my view, this can only really point to Samsung's bribing those carriers", you might then earn some respect.

Instead you squirm, you wriggle and you still have neither evidence nor personal credibility.

Congratulations! ;)

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RE[7]: Marketing...
by Yagami on Wed 17th Jul 2013 23:42 in reply to "RE[6]: Marketing..."
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I applaude your search for the real truth ....

I would just love to also have it on the articles "pro apple" or "pro microsoft"

( nothing specificly directed at you , because i dont know you )

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RE[8]: Marketing...
by orfanum on Thu 18th Jul 2013 10:03 in reply to "RE[7]: Marketing..."
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I am not entirely sure whom you are addressing but in case it's me: I think if you go over my comments on this forum, I on the whole speak as I know and find.

In terms of Apple and Samsung, I think my second-highest number of votes up was won in relation to a comment praising how Apple manages to pull of the trick of 'engineering desire' for its products. I think you will also find that I have provided information that is not in Samsung's favour at all.

Also, I am rarely so assertive, and hardly ever use expletives or similar words. Someone has to post something really senseless for me to react in this way. I am not happy about that but I also can't hide that I am really very annoyed in this instance.

Thanks, Orf.

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