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In the News "According to the CONTEXT data, Android tablets now account for 61.2 percent of the Western European tablet market, more than double the 25.1 percent recorded the same time last year. Apple iOS devices, meanwhile, fell to 37.2 percent of Western European tablet market sales by distribution, from 71.2 percent at the same time last year." This is nothing short of a catastrophic collapse of iPad market share in Europe. Furthermore, "This analysis also screens out the effect of Windows 8, credited in some quarters with helping to drive increased tablet market share and cut into Apple’s tablet lead, but in fact with little to no impact, according to CONTEXT." And yes, Windows 8 on tablets is a dud.
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Comment by Deviate_X
by Deviate_X on Fri 26th Jul 2013 17:40 UTC
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What about methodology? is an iPad 4 really compared to a monochrome kindle? are they really the same category of product?

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RE: Comment by Deviate_X
by przemo_li on Sat 27th Jul 2013 07:12 in reply to "Comment by Deviate_X"
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E-Ink Android powered tablets are just tablets.

E-Ink powered E-Readers are not tablets.

So "monochrome" Kindles, are not included. However LCD kindle, nook, (any other ebook oriented tablet here) are.

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RE[2]: Comment by Deviate_X
by MOS6510 on Sat 27th Jul 2013 08:14 in reply to "RE: Comment by Deviate_X"
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I agree. I can read books on my iPad, but I prefer my ereader. It may be slow and very limited, but it's a better option for distraction free reading and I prefer the non-backlit e-ink screen.

But I am on the look for a new ereader, which isn't easy and most seem to suck. The Kindle seems to be the best, but they don't do epub. Not a deal breaker, but I'd prefer a device that can read <any> ebook.

My dream device would be an ereader that does nothing else but display books and have a touch screen for turning pages. I don't care for pictures, audio, WiFi and bookstores.

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