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Although I have been a lazy blogger lately we haven't been lazy working on our remaining tasks at all. So, unsurprisingly, since my previous post we have reached and passed a few nice milestones. The latest one is that we're finally able to build the gcc2/gcc4 hybrid Haiku images again, including all the software needed for the official release.

While that in itself isn't a particularly impressive feat - after all we were already able to build the complete gcc 2 part before - the interesting aspect is how we are doing it.

Interesting progress for Haiku.

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Finally Haiku news :)
by testadura on Fri 23rd Aug 2013 08:37 UTC
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Good to read about the progress! I am still waiting and wanting to run Haiku on a daily basis.

But I wonder what the status of the kernel is. It is developed years ago and has not changed much the last few years. For instance I read news about the Linux kernel getting better power saving features, trim support etc. Is the Haiku kernel getting behind? Or are this typically features that should not be provided by a micro kernel?

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RE: Finally Haiku news :)
by alphaseinor on Fri 23rd Aug 2013 16:38 in reply to "Finally Haiku news :)"
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The kernel has had thousands (millions?) of improvements since it was called NewOS.

Here's the bug tracker on TRIM support

in a (pseudo) microkernel as haiku's is, generally we don't put this kind of support into the kernel. we usually prefer to run it in userspace, although it can be implemented at the kernel level (gotta love opensource).

GNU (never separate the two) Linux is a monolithic kernel, so drivers and kernel extensions run in kernel space, although it could be considered modular as well as some exceptions run in user space.

Monolithic versus micro, versus modular was bikesheded to death in the 2002-2005 Walter/OpenBeOS/Haiku era...

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