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So, BlackBerry has just announced it's exciting the consumer market, focussing on the enterprise instead. Worse yet, it's cutting 4500 jobs, half its workforce, which is a statistic for us, but a disaster for those involved.

The company sold just 3.7 million smartphones in the second quarter, most of which ran the older BlackBerry 7 operating system instead of the new BlackBerry 10. This means the Z10 and Q10 have been unmitigated flops. Hardly surprising though - even random people such as myself knew BB10 was going to be a hard, if not impossible, sell.

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by Dant2590 on Sat 21st Sep 2013 01:39 UTC
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I sure miss my Blackberry. It was such a easy OS to work with. I tried the BBQ10 phone when it came out. I hated that we lost the ability to block and copy and paste easily like I was always used to since it no longer had the track ball....nor did it have a go back key anymore. If I had to deal with that, I figured I'd go on and trade it in after 12 days of trial and just get a Iphone5. I'm still not delighted with the iphone, and REALLY miss the real keyboard blackberry had. I LOVED my BB9810. Best phone I've ever owned and will ever own. But at least with the iphone, I have the apps available that weren't going to ever be written for the BB format. The one for my security system was important to me. I also missed being able to listen to Pandora while out walking the dogs. I've got the apps now on the iphone, if I can just get used to typing on a virtual keyboard. I've got big fingers, and in the 7 weeks I've had it, I'm still complaining. My text messages are now all just about sent through Seri. I went from 1500++ messages/month on the BB to under 250 on the iphone.

Was hoping BB would make a comeback and I could go back to them in 2 years. Not looking good.

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