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So, BlackBerry has just announced it's exciting the consumer market, focussing on the enterprise instead. Worse yet, it's cutting 4500 jobs, half its workforce, which is a statistic for us, but a disaster for those involved.

The company sold just 3.7 million smartphones in the second quarter, most of which ran the older BlackBerry 7 operating system instead of the new BlackBerry 10. This means the Z10 and Q10 have been unmitigated flops. Hardly surprising though - even random people such as myself knew BB10 was going to be a hard, if not impossible, sell.

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RE: Comment by stabbyjones
by bassbeast on Sat 21st Sep 2013 15:50 UTC in reply to "Comment by stabbyjones"
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Why would anybody buy it? Unless you are a patent troll BB just doesn't have anything worth buying, the customers have moved on, the products just aren't moving, it might be worth buying for QNX but not at the price BB will expect to get and the rest of the business is a dead elephant, too high when it comes to costs and too low when it comes to profits. Hell its doubtful they'll even find somebody dumb enough to buy the OS like HP bought WebOS as Android is too far ahead at this point.

Stick a fork,BB is done. Like Palm they'll be in the "remember when?" section, just one more used to be great that refused to keep with the times and got ran over by history. Damned shame as many folks liked BB back in the day, but those folks all have Android or iOS now.

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