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Speaking at Microsoft's financial analysts meeting today, CEO Steve Ballmer was refreshingly realistic about the company's struggles in smartphones and tablets. "Mobile devices. We have almost no share."

Right. Now that Ballmer himself admits it, can we please settle the discussion? Windows Phone has been a failure up until now.

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I used it for months as both user and developer.
It's not awful and the screenflow is nice, but I still find that having icons with color codes helps you navigate around a small screen much better than the live tile / monochrom system.

It also leaves a lot to be desired, and several things about it are unacceptable, such as the terrible multitasking and the fact you can't get another web browser.

As a developer, the phone is plain horrible. I'm sorry, but Android and iOS are miles ahead in both API and tools.

It's not really "awful" and it shows promise, but it's not quite there yet. The fact that Microsoft barely touched it in more than a year also makes it worse. Android did dozens of important changes and updates in the same time lapse.

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What is terrible about WP8 multitasking again? Events are fired when apps get shut down...easy enough to save context.

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. ....

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There is nothing, just corner case issues which have more to do with buggy tombstoning implementations than anything.

I've gone through this at length with reduz and Thom before but apparently they are one of the only ones who encounter this issue on the entire internet. No review mentions it, no support sites that I can find, nothing.

But its OSNews, so they're free to post bullshit like that and get upvoted into the clouds.

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