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Apple today announced it has sold a record-breaking nine million new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c models, just three days after the launch of the new iPhones on September 20. In addition, more than 200 million iOS devices are now running the completely redesigned iOS 7, making it the fastest software upgrade in history.


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Low price ones? The less expensive ones!

Apparently the 5S (more expensive one) is outselling the 5C quite easily. I guess this proves Apple did the right thing not to release a really cheap phone, because it wouldn't have made them much money and they are enough people going for gold.

I still don't know what the idea behind the 5C is. It's a slightly better iPhone 5 in plastic. If you're going to spend a lot of cash, you might as well spend a little more and get the 5S.

I'd rather have the latest and greatest than a phone which most advertised feature is color coordinated covers. It would only have made sense if the 5C truly was a cheap phone, like around 300-400 dollar/euro.

Apple shouldn't have made the 5C, but made more 5S ones. It would have kept things more simple and made them more money. People who bought 5C iPhones would almost all bought a 5S instead anyway or wait for the 6.

Totally disagree. We are getting a 5C for $99 on the next payday to replace a dying 3G that's been a faithful digital assistant for 3+ years now.

Apple's are owned by real people with real money problems, not upper class yuppy snots you like to pretend are the 'fanboys' that make irrational technology decisions. You have no idea how far off that image is from the average iPhone user around my part of the world.

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A rather rude part of the world.

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A rather rude part of the world.

yeah that's it, rude poor people not watching their manners on the internet.

kinda like referring to grown intelligent men as 'fanboys' based on what brand of phone they have. is that rude?

i've been PDA'ing since the early 90's. irrational iphone hate is always weirder than actual apple yuppies. it's a stereotype that this site actively promotes. perhaps it's localized to your country, but i'm trying to represent the voice of normal america up here.

good thing apple is gonna die soon, since 1981...

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