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Manual window management is awful. Windows 8 ditched windows in favor of fullscreen apps. Traditional desktop window paradigms are powerful but obsolete.

Windows 9 unifies previous contrasting paradigms, taking design cues from all platforms and recent innovations.

Just an unofficial design concept, but damn, this is sexy. This is exactly what Windows needs - a combination of the old and new, leading to something seemingly far more usable than the monstrosity that is Metro in Windows 8.

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So, because everyone (i.e. you) already has a computer they're happy with, all the software companies should pack up and go home?

If Windows 98 is the best OS for you, then just use it. No one is stopping you.

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Don't be a dumbass, Win98se doesn't run most of today's software.

He's talking UI.

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You can get it working quite easily ...

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Don't be a dumbass, Win98se doesn't run most of today's software.

It can do a lot more than you'd think. I keep an ancient PIII laptop with 64MB of RAM around for running BeOS, and I have 98SE on another hard drive for it. It can run most open source programs that don't require 64 bit hardware or hundreds of megabytes of RAM, certainly enough to get along these days. It doesn't have built in WiFi but I have a USB WiFi adapter that came with drivers covering the full range of Windows from 95 through 8.

Basically, as long as I don't visit content-heavy websites or try to do 3D work with it, it's perfectly fine as a light working machine.

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