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Early this year, I decided to take a risk.

As a geek, I like to reward those in the industry that try to be bold. That try to be different. That try to leave the beaten path. That look at the norm in the market, and decide to ignore it. Despite all its flaws, Microsoft did just that with its Metro user interface, incarnations of which are used on both Windows Phone and Windows 8.

I was a Windows Phone user since day one. I bought an HTC HD7 somewhere around release day, and imported it into The Netherlands, a year before the platform became available in The Netherlands. I wanted to reward Microsoft's mobile team for trying to be different, for being original, for not copying iOS and Android and instead coming up with something fresh and unique. Despite all the limitations and early adopter issues, I loved it.

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RE: The real problem is "RT"!
by WereCatf on Thu 24th Oct 2013 07:00 UTC in reply to "The real problem is "RT"! "
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Haven't MS marketing determined that the only problem with Surface RT is having "RT" as a part of the product name? And once they remove that "RT", it will be flying off the shelves like hot cakes?

Well, Surface 2 has lost the "RT" moniker. There's now only Surface 2 and Surface 2 Pro. I doubt that will make any difference in the end, though.

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Yeah, I laughed out loud when they had the press release about that! Like the NAME is what is confusing customers! No, it COULDNT be the crappy OS! Nor the poor user experience, the confusing design (a desktop mode with no desktop apps!), piss poor Office program that isn't really designed with a touchscreen in mind, or the pathetic selection of apps. No, it's gotta be the NAME that is the problem!

Now, uneducated customers are going to be even MORE confused, with it just being called "Surface 2"! They will have no idea about the limitations on this POS, nor what makes a "Pro" a "Pro"! Can't wait to see the financial results of this mess next year...someone get me popcorn!

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