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A new front opened today in the patent wars between large technology companies, as a consortium that owns thousands of patents from the Nortel bankruptcy auction filed suit against Google and other manufacturers alleging infringement. Rockstar, which is owned jointly by Apple, Blackberry, Ericsson, Microsoft, and Sony, filed suit in US District Court in Texas. In addition to Google, the consortium has alleged infringement by Asus, HTC, Huawei, LG, Pantech, Samsung, and ZTE.


Since then, as recounted by Wired, Rockstar has been devoted to reverse-engineering the patents and looking for evidence of infringement. "Pretty much anybody out there is infringing," John Veschi, the CEO of Rockstar, told the magazine. "It would be hard for me to envision that there are high-tech companies out there that don't use some of the patents in our portfolio."

I told you Apple and Microsoft were patent trolls. They specifically set up a satellite company that owns nothing but patents, with the sole goal of attacking the competition in the courtroom instead of the market. What a bunch of low-life scum.

I'm surprised by Sony there, though. They use Android themselves.

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Leave the US alone
by protomank on Fri 1st Nov 2013 11:04 UTC
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You know, I think Google and the non-american companies (Samsung, Asus, LG, HTC) should just.. leave! Yeah, leave the americans alone!

Let them play with their patent trolling and trillion dollar deficit stagnating evolution and focus ont he rest of the world that will, well, just move ahead instead of promoting stupid patents system.

I know, they want the US money, but listen: maybe it is not worth the effort anymore. You can win much more outside.

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RE: Leave the US alone
by shotsman on Fri 1st Nov 2013 12:15 in reply to "Leave the US alone"
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I can remember lots of things that had big stickers saying

"Not for use or Sale in the USA"

Perhaps it is time for them to return. After all they can't get the ordering right on date fields now can they?

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RE: Leave the US alone
by tylerdurden on Fri 1st Nov 2013 18:14 in reply to "Leave the US alone"
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If you had bothered to actually read the article, some of the companies pushing the suit ain't American.

(Ironically, a big chunk of Rockstar's troll patent portfolio comes from Nortel, which was a Canadian corporation).

It's a global market, whether you like it or not. Everything is intertwined, Google leaving the US would be monumentally stupid from a business stand point.

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RE: Leave the US alone
by reduz on Sat 2nd Nov 2013 15:48 in reply to "Leave the US alone"
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It already is like that, and companies that pay patent fees, do so only for the US version of the products, where Apple and Microsoft are still stronger (In the rest of the world, Android completely dominates everything)

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