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Darwin is the core operating system that lies under both Mac OS X and iPhone OS. It is the true core foundation that bridges the kernel to the actual UI above. (SpringBoard/loginwindow/etc).

With the help of @plus_chan and his Nokia N900, I present to you, Darwin/ARM running on a Nokia N900.

I doubt this has any usefulness whatsoever, but that doesn't make it any less awesome. Great work (via Steven Troughton-Smith).

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Ah, the little phone that could
by Kurt on Fri 22nd Nov 2013 23:08 UTC
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I still use mine as a mp3 radio in my car.

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HangLoose Member since:

It was the time that Nokia "fought back" and we could see how everything would play out in the future with Maemo and Symbian with QT being the bridge between those two.

Thankfully Elop came and proved that destroyed everything on its path.

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XenonXZ Member since:

I still use my N900 as a main phone, ever since I got it in 2010 :-)

Brilliant device, more handsets should be like it.

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yeah with the shoddy USB port that breaks off on many units. I do still have that one sitting in a jar somewhere still.

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