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Today was the big day for Jolla - they officially launched their first phone today, and a few hundred lucky preorder customers were invited to come pick up their new device at an event organised by Jolla and Finnish carrier DNA. Starting today, the rest of the preorder will also be shipped to customers (mine will be here soon too!). Now that the device is on the market, there's the user guide, which provides insight into how the software and hardware works.

The first unboxing video has also made its way to YouTube. Of course, the moment my limited edition Jolla gets here, I'll give you my first impressions.

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And ended up selling the whole cell phone business for half of annual pre-Elop revenue.
That's one hell of a success story.

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Microsoft also took on substantially the liabilities of D&S which when viewed in concert with its price tag puts things into greater perspective.

It took on the upkeep of 32,000 employees and basically all of Nokia's D&S manufacturing footprint and real estate.

It also made available $2B in convertible bonds and licensed mapping for 10 years.

But this is all besides the point, acquisition valuations are about more than book value or earnings multiples its about existing synergies that can be exploited and reducing the seams in an organization.

Nokia has also appreciated its share value quite significantly, doubling its market cap to $30 Billion since the announcement and doubling its stock price to $8.

A lot of investors were made very wealthy which is why the deal was approved by 99.7% of shareholders.

Nokia now will have $10B in cash, no debt, and a truckload of patents it can't be countersued for. Meanwhile D&S, its executives, employees, and roadmap have been transferred to a much wealthier host which Elop will be at the helm of.

JLG who runs all of devices at MSFT will answer to Elop. The guy is in the running for CEO.

The amount of power that Elop and his Nokia lieutenants will wield within MSFT is significant.

Success story indeed.

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You live in a parallel reality. Nokia Chairman Risto Siilasmaa said that Nokia had to be sold to Microsoft because it was the only reasonable decision they could take to save what was left. That it not a success. That is a great failure.

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