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2013 was nothing less than a blockbuster success for Windows Phone, which went from industry also-ran to the undisputed third mobile ecosystem, and is poised to challenge iPhone for the number two spot. You didn't think it could get this good? That's OK, neither did I.

Windows Phone seemingly turns a corner with every new application, small operating system update, and new Nokia Lumia. It's turning so many corners it's running in circles.

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LG was flat, Lenovo was 9%, Sony was 4%. Nokia was 19% at similar volumes.

LG sold 12 million units in Q3, Sony moved 10 million xperias during that period. Nokia moved 8.8 million lumias, or 36% and 14% less than LG and Sony respectively. As usual, it depends what you mean by "similar."

From Q1 to Q2 Sony actually managed to hit the same 19% growth rate, actually surpassing Nokia in unit shipped for 2013. Does that mean Xperias are on the same boat to success as you claim Nokia to be?

In any case LG and Sony, not being the main Android OEMs, still managed to ship 150% more units on their "flat" quarter than Nokia did on their best record quarter.

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No, Sony's growth was anemic for the past few quarters. I believe last time we touched on this subject I pulled Sony's financials for the past few quarters and showed how they're more or less stagnant.

On the other hand, Nokia has had sequential double digit growth for as many quarters. So lets leave the false equivalence right at the door.

I think its fair to say that the volumes are similar, or to put it another way, its getting more difficult to attribute their shipment increases solely to coming from a low base.

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What false equivalence? You touted 19% quarter to quarter growth as something remarkable as far as Nokia is concerned. And yet when I point out Sony managed a similar growth rate in the previous quarter (Q1 to Q2), all of the sudden you want to change the conversation.

LG still managed to ship almost 4 million more units than Nokia on a stagnant quarter (for LG) vs. Nokia's best quarter as far as Lumias are cocerned. I guess our definitions of "equivalent" are not so equivalent then.

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