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Paul Thurrott on the next version of Windows and the future of the platform.

In some ways, the most interesting thing about Threshold is how it recasts Windows 8 as the next Vista. It's an acknowledgment that what came before didn't work, and didn't resonate with customers. And though Microsoft will always be able to claim that Windows 9 wouldn't have been possible without the important foundational work they had done first with Windows 8 - just as was the case with Windows 7 and Windows Vista - there's no way to sugarcoat this. Windows 8 has set back Microsoft, and Windows, by years, and possibly for good.

With even Paul Thurrott claiming Windows is in trouble, it becomes virtually impossible to deny it is so.

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RE[2]: Sad but true
by davidiwharper on Mon 13th Jan 2014 23:32 UTC in reply to "RE: Sad but true"
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Does QB Enterprise work on CrossOver Mac? According to WineHQ QBEv14 crashes on launch but it's worth keeping your eye on IMHO.

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RE[3]: Sad but true
by Morgan on Mon 13th Jan 2014 23:58 in reply to "RE[2]: Sad but true"
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That's the version we use, and nothing short of a VM running Windows would suffice, as far as I'm concerned. As buggy, bloated and slow as Quickbooks is in its native environment, I shudder at the thought of supporting it on Wine. Not to mention our support contract with Intuit wouldn't cover it (I administer the machines but I lean on Intuit when their bugs pop up). We could probably get away with VMs, but if they ever got wind we weren't running actual Windows in some fashion they likely wouldn't even talk to us.

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RE[4]: Sad but true
by davidiwharper on Tue 14th Jan 2014 00:21 in reply to "RE[3]: Sad but true"
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The other option is something like 2X, where the app literally runs on a Windows Server, and is piped to clients over the network. If you can believe this the folks at Canonical appear to use this method to run Microsoft Office on Ubuntu (I noticed it in their Edge promos).

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