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Games Transgaming has released Cedega 5.0 today. "TransGaming is very excited about the introduction of the new Cedega scheduler which allows for better control over processes and threads under the Linux 2.6 kernels. With pixel shaders 1.4, your games will look more realistic and deliver better graphics quality than ever before. Preliminary FBO support has also been added as an experimental feature for users to try out on their favorite titles. Other improvements to Cedega designed to improve correctness and performance have also been included." Read the release notes.
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cedega errors
by on Wed 9th Nov 2005 05:06 UTC

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I agree !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I tried Cedega with SOf2(I really like this game) and Pb always kicks me with a bunch of O/S exception or Empty Win32 Module List A. I finally got fedup, discontinued my account and installed wine 0.9. Wine ran sof2 with no problems, the only drawback was that I had to update Pb manually with PBweb. Honestly, cedega made a grave error when they forked, all the newer games have some form of anti cheat software enabled and without proper windows emulation, no matter how good your directx emulation is, you will never be able to play online. Heck I was able to run sof2 in crossover office 5 without any problems, while playing with wine/crossover I was able to achieve roughly the same fps as cedega. I think over time Cedega will become redundant as wine seems to be advancing really fast now after a initially slow period.

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RE: cedega errors
by on Wed 9th Nov 2005 10:47 in reply to "cedega errors"
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Wine is becoming very very good, and a lot of work has gone into doing good directx reimplementation over the last 6months/year or so. Pretty soon standard wine will surpass cedega in quality, although cedega is certainly providing a very useable solution right now (i have about 4 or so games i play under it that all work perfectly). I wouldnt be suprised if post wine 1.0 it became a very very good solution for running games.

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