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The MorphOS development team is proud to announce the public release of MorphOS 3.5, which introduces support for PowerMac 7,2 machines and features various bug fixes as well as other improvements. For an overview of the included changes, please read our release notes.

They released 3.5.1 shortly after to fix a boot issue in 3.5.

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RE[2]: The best Amiga-like OS...
by JLF65 on Wed 19th Feb 2014 22:54 UTC in reply to "RE: The best Amiga-like OS..."
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I'm not sure what PPC hardware they'd target other than that though. Only other PPC based systems out there are the IBM iSeries and of course the AmigaOne X1000, but I think most people buying those are running AmigaOS4 on it.

How about the fastest, cheapest, best selling PPC platforms of all time? Namely, the PS3 and XBox 360.

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well those systems are pretty locked down and would be tricky to port to, but there is a bigger problem: MorphOS cannot handle more than one core. So MorphOS would be running on a single non superscalar core on the 360, for example.

But the problem really remains the same, its just running on legacy hardware. The PS3 and 360 would be manufactured for a little bit more, but the best by date is rapidly approaching.

If MorphOS wants to do anything but stave off the merciful release of the reaper, they have to get onto hardware that is actually being manufactured.

But to paraphrase Douglas Adams: It seems like they knew all about survival of the species, but wanted no part of it...

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Yes, the multi-core nature is an issue, but not a huge one. Not these days. At the very worst, they could simply not use the extra cores (or the hyper thread in the case of the PS3). Both the PS3 and XBox 360 have exploits for running homebrew, but MorphOS should have the creds to actually be a licensed producer for either or both platforms.

You're also right about the need to work on something that is still going to be manufactured in the future, which basically means AMD64 or ARM platform devices. But in the meantime, since they like targeting PPC platforms, the PS3 and XB360 gives them tens of millions more to target. Just like I'd buy iMac G3 MorphOS, I'd buy PS3 MorphOS in an instant.

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