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Samsung has such a large presence at Mobile World Congress that it doesn't just have one giant booth; there are also several smaller ones scattered around the show halls. While the main booth exclusively shows Android phones and the biggest product of the show was the Android-based Galaxy S5, one of the most important areas for Samsung is a small booth tucked away in the last hall of MWC: a Tizen booth. Here, in the "App Planet" section of Mobile World Congress, Samsung has actual Tizen phones on display - phones with an OS that is fully under Samsung's control. Samsung's choice between Android and Tizen is one of the more interesting stories in tech right now, so when we stumbled upon this booth, we immediately grabbed our cameras and started snapping.

Two things stand out while reading the linked article and watching the video. First, just how unremarkable it all looks and functions. It could easily be mistaken for a Samsung Android device if you squint a bit. This is, perhaps, not surprising, considering the TouchWiz influences. Second, and perhaps more surprisingly, just how snappy, complete, and ready-to-go it all seems to be. Despite the obviously sparse application store, this could easily be sold to consumers right now.

I wonder what the future will hold for Tizen. I'm sure the recent agreements between Google and Samsung preclude the operating system from actually shipping on prominent devices, but I wonder if such a moratorium also applies to limited availability phones and tablets in specific markets.

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People don't like change. Samsung has built up a customer base that is familiar Touchwiz. They may not like it, but they are "used to" it, and changing it might make more people angry than you think. For a huge number of customers it's not extra or different, it is a part of their "Galaxy" phone. They don't know what Android really is, they just want a smart phone. It's the same reason Apple stuck with their skeuomorphism for so long.

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But the point is that there is hardly anything to get used to with Touchwiz! It is roughly the same, only a little uglier, only a little worse. It feels like it were an older, less polished version of Android rather than a special thing that merits its own name.

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