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But the hardest thing of all, he says, was something else entirely. He hands me his iPhone so that I can scroll through some messages he's saved. One is from a woman chastising him for "distracting the children of the world." Another laments that "13 kids at my school broke their phones because of your game, and they still play it cause it's addicting like crack." Nguyen tells me of e-mails from workers who had lost their jobs, a mother who had stopped talking to her kids. "At first I thought they were just joking," he says, "but I realize they really hurt themselves." Nguyen - who says he botched tests in high school because he was playing too much Counter-Strike - genuinely took them to heart.

Fascinating interview with the Flappy Bird creator. I like this guy - he seems to have his priorities straight.

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He could program a "time-out" in the game
by Sabon on Wed 12th Mar 2014 14:18 UTC
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He could program a "time-out" in the game so that people _have_ to top playing it for awhile. Or limit it to X amount of minutes per day. He could put in a parent mode where parents could set limits as to how much and _when_ a player gets to play the game. That would stop kids from being able to play it during school ours, until they figured out their parent's password.

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Really, non of it matters.

This is such an easy game, in other interview he said it made it in 3 days.

So it is really easy to copy the game concept.

And because it is so easy and not even new he can't patent it either (copyright only applies if you copy existing binaries, artwork or code, not when someone re-creates it in their style).

He can do whatever he wants, it's not a solution there are/will be alternatives.

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