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Major new features for this release include a significant update to the experience for finding and installing applications, as well as major facelifts for the Videos and gedit applications. Those who have high resolution displays will benefit from greater support, and users will experience better start up times as well as more efficient resource usage. They will also be able to quickly organize their applications with the new application folders feature.

I remember a time when GNOME and KDE releases were big deals here. Feels like eons ago, a distant memory from an irrelevant past.

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Too many releases?
by Troels on Thu 27th Mar 2014 09:07 UTC
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I agree that the releases of KDE and Gnome used to be exciting, and now i don't really care all that much. My theory is that they are now so mature that adding new exciting stuff takes a much longer time, and with the fast release cycle that means that no single release is all that interesting.

It is the same with Google Chrome and Firefox, a while ago new releases mattered, now they come all that time and i don't even bother to find out what is new.

It is almost the same with Windows now, ME -> XP, and XP -> Vista was a big change (once they finally got vista to work). Vista to 7 not so much, but many people never got over the initial Vista problems so they needed a marketing change. 7 to 8, again a fairly big change (not going into whether it is for the better). 8 to 8.1 does not keep me awake at night, and from what i have gathered so far, neither will 9, but if 9 will bring the needed marketing change then hopefully 10 will be interesting.

Same again with Android and iOS, since iOS 4 and Android 4.0, there has been no single release that i found really interesting.

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