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I'm using the URL slug headline for this one (check the link).

This map showing the locations of 280 million individual posts on Twitter shows a depressing divide in America: Tweets coming from Manhattan tend to come from iPhones. Tweets coming from Newark, N.J., tend to come from Android phones.

If you live in the New York metro area, you don't need to be told that Manhattan is where the region's rich people live, and the poor live in Newark. Manhattan's median income is $67,000 a year. Newark's is $17,000, according to U.S. Census data.

This fascinates me, as it seems to be a very American thing. In The Netherlands, Android has an 80% market share, and we have far lower poverty rates than the US (that Newark median income is crazy low by Dutch standards). I'm pretty sure the situation is similar for many other West-European nations.

This raises an interesting question: is it 'Android is for poor people' - or is it 'Android is for poor people in America'?

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Can't tell you how often I see poor people who can barely feed their family texting on an iPhone...

How do you know they are too poor?? in any case the survey is bogus, i can't believe people repost this stuff without realising what is going on

1. Did you notice the complete absence of weighting in the linked article?? iPhone users are generally way over represented in app usage stats..

2. Common sense will also tell you that the people living in the "poor" areas are actually spending most of their time working in the so called in "rich areas" of manhattan.

So i bet that this map simple shows where people go to work, rather than a rich /poor divide.

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How do you know they are too poor??

Because I know many of them personally.

There is nothing that frustrates me more when people complain about how poor they are, as they watch TV on their $100/month cable and chat on their $100/month iPhone.

I've come to the conclusion that some people just have their priorities completely screwed up - perhaps that is why they can barely make ends meet to begin with...

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It's not a unknown fenomena that people will spend bundles on clothes and car, but live in a dump. This because few know where they live, but everyone they meet see what they wear and drive.

I suspect this is because we new have "communities" that are so big that very few of us know everyone we meet down to their tastes and habits. Supposedly we can only organize some 100-150 people in our heads before those we interact the least with fade into noise. End result is that first impressions become key.

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