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And the updates keep on coming.

  • Two-way sync of Exchange contacts.
  • Over-the-air (OTA) provisioning: Receive mobile data and MMS access point settings from your operator over-the-air
  • Share and receive pictures and contacts via MMS (experimental)
  • EXIF data is now stored in photos taken with camera.
  • Save GPS coordinates in captured photos [Settings->Apps->Camera]
  • Set default account to be used for sending emails [Settings->Apps->Email]
  • Swipe to close gesture available as a setting and disabled by default for new users [Settings->System->Shortcuts]
  • Visual interaction hints in events view, browser, camera, email, phone and messages apps
  • Keyboard sounds [Settings->System->Sounds and feedback->Touch screen tones]

The update also fixes the Heartbleed security issue.

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RE: MMS support
by drcouzelis on Fri 11th Apr 2014 13:36 UTC in reply to "MMS support"
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Although I've never ever sent or received an MMS, I've seen a lot of people online complaining about the lack of the feature, so this is great news!

Although I don't have a Jolla mobile (yet), the "bug" that concerned me the most is in regards to the native web browser: A tab is reloaded / refreshed when you leave and come back to it (so if you start writing a comment and go to another tab to look something up, your comment is gone). Has this been resolved?

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RE[2]: MMS support
by bob_bipbip on Fri 11th Apr 2014 14:39 in reply to "RE: MMS support"
bob_bipbip Member since:

If you use the "webcat" browser instead of the stock one, you will not have this problem

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RE[2]: MMS support
by NicePics13 on Fri 11th Apr 2014 16:35 in reply to "RE: MMS support"
NicePics13 Member since:

Has this been resolved?

Not yet, but as bob_bipbip said Webcat is the better browser.

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