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Microsoft has stopped providing XP users with security updates, forcing them to either upgrade to another, newer operating system, or gamble with their safety. While the latest usage figures show that a large portion of users are moving away from XP, there's still a sizable number of users who aren't - or can't.

If you're an XP user, or know some XP users, there's a trick which makes it possible to receive security updates for the aging OS for another five years - right up until April 2019.

I have a better solution. No registry hacks required!

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RE[3]: to be honest
by UltraZelda64 on Thu 5th Jun 2014 02:43 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: to be honest"
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But you're getting a little crazy when you start talking about win 98 se being better. Oh my word that was bad. It was insecure, unstable, and lived in a world of dll hell that made the applications kill each other. Once you went to windows xp, you simply could not go back to windows 98 se ( unless you needed to due to missing drivers)

You just described literally every single OS in the Win9x series and in fact the entire DOS family before it, and I would even argue (to a lesser extent), even the NT series. Certainly XP's original release was no saint when it comes to security, and its first couple service packs didn't exactly perfect it either. But have *you* ever tried ME? I would use 98SE any day over it. Yeah, I agree with XP over both of them though, if only for the increased stability... but Win98 was still a much less annoying OS.

I was unlucky in that I bought a new computer during the time that piece of shit, Windows ME, was being pawned off and forced onto people. It fucking *sucked*. I will take Windows 98SE, which I used previously, any day. And XP, the ONLY thing it had over both ME and 98, is stability. That's it. It was effectively a carbon copy of ME, but built on the NT kernel. It brought all the junk ME brought. But at least it didn't crash every two minutes and require a format/reinstall every eight due to file system corruption.

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RE[4]: to be honest
by zima on Thu 5th Jun 2014 23:07 in reply to "RE[3]: to be honest"
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I used Me for quite some time, and it was fine... (no worse than 98SE at least)

I suspect people too often tried to apply to Me old "tricks" from 98SE, which however often broke the system (due to some differences, partial removal of DOS mode)

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