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To prevent any more of Android's past from being lost to the annals of history, we did what needed to be done. This is 20+ versions of Android, seven devices, and lots and lots of screenshots cobbled together in one space. This is The History of Android, from the very first public builds to the newest version of KitKat.

Very detailed, and a fun read.

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In other words, more like their pixel counting OSX articles than their CPU articles.

Give me a writeup of the changes in the internals of Android from version to version, and i'll be happy.

I swear that if you wanted to you could have themed 1.0 to look like 4.4. That is how much value UI design has (at least imo).

Damn it, i keep seeing this design over function attitude spreading all over. On /r/android people as dismissing the very real issues with how Google is handling SD card support because "praise Duarte".

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Seems the edit window is closed, so i have to reply to myself.

Anyways, if the title had said "the visual history" or "the interface history" i would not complain as loudly. But it says "the history" yet gloss over all the internal changes.

Never mind that it is one more article that conflate ASOP Android and the Google apps suite. Those two are not joined at the hip, as Amazon (and now Nokia/Microsoft) has shown us.

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