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It's a widespread convention that the Ctrl+F keyboard shortcut initiates a Find operation. Word does it, Excel does it, Wordpad does it, Notepad does it, Internet Explorer does it. But Outlook doesn't. Why doesn't Outlook get with the program?

Before clicking the link to go to the full story, try to guess the answer. I'm pretty sure you're going to be wrong.

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Spot the Unix influence
by ameasures on Tue 15th Jul 2014 21:36 UTC
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Ctrl+F in the vi text editor does move forward a page so maybe that is the influence - weird or more so given Bill Gates involvement.

Honestly what is the point of HCI standards if they are ignored part of the time. If management don't get it then they should be sent away to learn their irregular French verbs.

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RE: Spot the Unix influence
by woegjiub on Wed 16th Jul 2014 10:10 in reply to "Spot the Unix influence"
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That was my first guess as well, I didn't even think about email's other form of "forward".

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