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Windows There is no compelling reason to rush into upgrading to the next version of Windows, says Gartner.
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by dylansmrjones on Fri 11th Nov 2005 20:12 UTC
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Time will show if people switch to Vista in a quick manner. I doubt it a bit, but you'll never know for sure. Personally I won't be switching until EOL of Win2K3, but that's because I don't like changes ;)

BTW: There are many compelling reasons to buy hybrid vehicles, considering the fuel prices in Denmark (but we also have some of the highest prices in the world, as usual).

Most people buy their OS with the computer, so Vista will probaby get a break-through during 2008/9. Just like most other Windows releases got a break-through in combination with hardware-sales.

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RE: Well...
by CPUGuy on Sat 12th Nov 2005 14:03 in reply to "Well..."
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With hyrbids, they generally cost thousands of dollars more than there standard counterparts.

If you do the math, it usually does not add up. You spend that extra money that you save on gas upfront for the car itself.

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