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Windows There is no compelling reason to rush into upgrading to the next version of Windows, says Gartner.
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by ma_d on Fri 11th Nov 2005 20:17 UTC in reply to "RE"
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If they update to XP now, they'll update to Vista when it EOL's. If they wait for Vista they'll just be running on a half-supported Win2K and make Microsoft look bad for not supporting it (not that they really should have to, it's getting beyond what is a reasonable life for it).

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by Kroc on Fri 11th Nov 2005 20:19 in reply to "RE"
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"it's getting beyond what is a reasonable life for it"

O_o You are kidding, Windows 2000 is everything Windows XP is, XP has skinning and extra holes. Microsoft are not supporting Windows 2000 not because it's old and unsupportable, it's because they want to force people to upgrade. Anybody who codes on the NT platform will know that 2000 is still fully supportable well into Vista and beyond.

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Win2k viable until at least 2010
by Quietleaf on Fri 11th Nov 2005 21:13 in reply to "RE"
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Hear, hear. Windows 2000 will continue to receive security patches until at least 2010, which is what companies using it really need. If they're still using 2000, it's because it already fulfills their needs, and doesn't suffer from the draconian licensing language that came with XP (forced upgrades, and all that, though that might have changed since). The desire to stick to the old licensing language is one reason why many of the largest companies stuck with 2000 for so long, and as long as it's guaranteed to be secure until 2010 there is no compelling reson to go through the pain, chaos, and cost of upgrading their installed base. Skinning is nice, but companies don't need a skinnable OS to keep their businesses running, and if a user really wants it, WindowBlinds does a pretty good job of skinning 2k.

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