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Samsung in China:

Xiaomi, a smartphone maker based in China, sold more devices in its home market during the second quarter than Samsung, the world's No. 1 supplier of devices. Samsung owned the Chinese smartphone market for more than two years, but data from Canalys says its reign has come to an end.

Samsung in India:

Indian budget smartphone maker Micromax has ousted Samsung Electronics Co Ltd as the leading brand in all types of mobile phones in the April-June quarter, grabbing a 16.6 percent market share, a recent research report showed.

Great news for consumers and the market in general. This will drive prices down, foster competition, and increase choice. We all win.

Now, if only Europe had its own smartphone maker. And what about South-America?

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There are dozens and dozens of smartphones manufacturers in Europe and latin America. Wiko is kind of successful in my country (France) :
You will never hear of local brands in Europe or Latin America because the local brands sell well only in their home country or even smaller region. Of course when that region is India or China it is a whole different story. France has 65 million people. Both India and China have more than 1 billion people. Nobody cares about the french market. Look Jolla. European brand, doesn't even care about its own market, they sell their phone in China. It's all about Asia, because that's where most people live.

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Yes and I am very happy with my 3 years "old" Wiko smart-phone. It has all, double sims, cheap and solid.

It is an every day good surprise to me.

The next try may be a OneTouch (ex-Alcatel Team).

Ho and I am not French.

Do you remember the good'ol' One Touch Easy ?
Heavy as a cabin, still have one, still working ! 8-)

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