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Morphos On their blogspot site, Bill Buck and Raquel Velasco, owners of Genesi (which manufactures Pegasos PowerPC-CPU based motherboards) revealed that they could soon release all designs, layouts, HAL and Open Firmware of their platforms under GPL licence.
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by Kroc on Fri 11th Nov 2005 21:55 UTC
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A very significant comment was made on Slashdot in response to someone belittling other platforms because they were closed, and that the poster was better off because they were 100% free from proprietry grip. The reply pointed out that the hardware, firmware, designs and everything used for the hardware to run Linux - is anything but open and free.

This news is of course, a good thing.

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by Robocoastie on Sun 13th Nov 2005 06:22 in reply to "RE"
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so true. The most popular product on Linux isn't open source - Nvidia 3d graphics.

Even though it probably won't work open sourcing hardware is the future way to fight DRM and ensure control of our own computers.

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