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Morphos On their blogspot site, Bill Buck and Raquel Velasco, owners of Genesi (which manufactures Pegasos PowerPC-CPU based motherboards) revealed that they could soon release all designs, layouts, HAL and Open Firmware of their platforms under GPL licence.
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My freedom sense
by ma_d on Fri 11th Nov 2005 22:14 UTC
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My freedey sense is tingling!

This could be very cool. Something like this could, theoretically, start a range of small computer providers like existed in the 80's.

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RE: My freedom sense
by Tom K on Fri 11th Nov 2005 22:35 in reply to "My freedom sense"
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No, it won't. Chip/motherboard fabrication plants are extremely expensive to build nowadays, so your only other choice is to hire the likes of TSMC/IBM/etc. That's also out of the question for 99.9% of companies, unless they're willing to shell out the $1-2 million required for a chip mask.

The problem with it is that unless you're planning to produce a few million chips (and sell them all), it's a very, very expensive undertaking -- and one which would land a lot of small companies in the black.

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RE[2]: My freedom sense
by ODW-Developer on Fri 11th Nov 2005 22:48 in reply to "RE: My freedom sense"
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Hey "Poo", there is more than Linux on this platform. You can solder a chip on board one person at a time if necessary.

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