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The Dell XPS 13 ends up being responsive, small, light, and well built. Dell has crafted what I am sure most people were hoping for when the original Ultrabook specification was announced. On top of that, they have designed a laptop with class-leading battery life, and plenty of choice to let people buy as little or as much as they need. Considering the competition, this is clearly the Ultrabook of the Broadwell-U generation to beat, and from what we saw at CES it may very well go unchallenged for the remainder of the year.

This is the kind of stuff Dell should restrict itself to. Looks like a winner - that battery life is exceptionally amazing.

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The only interesting thing...
by fkooman on Sat 21st Feb 2015 11:16 UTC
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It seems to be getting better, but I'd never buy a machine anymore before having 100% working Linux support out of the box ;)

Loving my Asus X201EP that came with Ubuntu out of the box ;)

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I couldn´t agree more.

I am contemplating whether to buy this laptop for a group of ten web developers but if it isn´t properly supported by Dell on linux yet, we will have to look elsewhere.

I reckon that Dell could iron out the bugs if a few of its people spent a few days on it.

I will keep my eyes on that blog till mid march, which is our deadline for the purchase, but if things do not radically improve, we will have to pass.

I am looking to have the laptop actually come preinstalled with Linux, not because we cannot install it ourselves, but becasue it sends a message that we do care and that we have done our homework and made sure that the laptop runs perfectly under Linux.

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My Dell 12" Latitude E7240 is 100% linux compatible. Works with Fedora, Ubuntu, and many others without mods. Audio, wifi AC, bluetooth, gigabit, keyboard backlight, hardware keys (volume), etc all work without issue. My cellular modem also works. Shows right up in the connections menu.

The 7440 works as well.

I use Fedora 21 on my E7240, btw.

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