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Amiga & AROS

Symmetric Multi-Processing (SMP) is on the wishlist of AmigaOS users for quite some time now, and while progress has been made, we're still not there yet.

To explain the progress, let us first look at the concept, and then point to where we are in the whole.

AmigaOS developer Thomas Frieden goes in-depth in the work currently under way to bring SMP to AmigaOS.

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AmigaOS today
by AmixG5 on Fri 27th Feb 2015 08:56 UTC
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Many thinks that AmigaOS is outdated in 2015. Too many thinks of Amiga as if its from 1985 still. Too many only thinks of Amiga as a gaming machine like Amiga 500. Too many don't have a clue about what AmigaOS is and how it still lives in 2015..

Well, let me start to say:
- Community!
- Creativity!
- Speed!
- Multitasking!

AmigaOS got all of this. More than any other system out there. The community might be small, but its an effective and good one. You could say that thanks to Internet, Amiga have survived. But what kind of life is this being an Amiga user in 2015? Its harrasment from PC users mostly which have no clue about Amiga and its present and past history. Each time PC users writes something negative about Amiga in any of the PC forums,.. its like turning on the fire for Amigans. All of the surviving Amigans like me uses too much energy trying to convince and try to tell how much more modern Amiga is these days. Even sites like OSnews and Slashdot tries to help the platform with news, but still there is this negativity everywhere Amigans are. It is a form of racism as in most cases it turns more personal than a discussion with facts. It is sad and I wish that someone could change this, because all we Amigans wants is to be respected for the operating systems that we do love and use everyday. AmigaOS is not outdated compared to Windows or OSX. This is only on your minds! I am using my AmigaOS systems everyday for surfing, for writing this text and for doing my job, paying my bills thru my netbank+++

We Amigans never wants to force anyone to use AmigaOS. But all of the PC users with negative words about AmigaOS should try it instead of just following others.

I use Windows and OSX also together with AmigaOS and MorphOS.

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RE: AmigaOS today
by Sauron on Fri 27th Feb 2015 13:43 in reply to "AmigaOS today"
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I use AmigaOS 3x regularly on my A2000 and A1200's, but to suggest that everyone should buy outdated, slow, overpriced, going nowhere PPC hardware to try it is silly!
Who in their right mind is going to spend 3k Euro on a X1000 when the same money will buy the most advanced PC known to man? I love AmigaOS and always have/will, but I won't buy in to outdated/overpriced hardware to run the latest iteration, no chance!

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RE[2]: AmigaOS today
by AmixG5 on Sat 28th Feb 2015 23:49 in reply to "RE: AmigaOS today"
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You dont need to buy an X1000. There is Amiga motherboards made by Acube. MorphOS which an AmigaOS 4.x competitor runs on PowerPC Macs which isn't expensive to get. So saying that Amigascene is expensive is a bit wrong. Yes.. X1000 is way too expensive. I agree on that.

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