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At the end of the day, BlackBerry needed to make this device happen, even if fans are screaming from the rooftops that they want a high-end all-touch device. Despite whether or not you personally decide to pick one up, the BlackBerry Leap is a pretty solid and very capable device that comes at a reasonable price, it just so happens that BlackBerry had to make a few compromises to make it all come together.

I get the Passport (still want one!), I get the Classic. I do not, however, get a generic BlackBerry phones that looks like any other default Android device - but with an operating system nobody (except people like me) is asking for.

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Ancient CPU
by sultanqasim on Wed 22nd Apr 2015 03:53 UTC
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I wonder why they stuck with the original MSM8960 from 2012 in a new 2015 device. There are newer chips that are cheaper, faster, and more energy efficient, such as the MSM8916. I guess they wanted to minimize development costs by reusing old hardware and software.

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RE: Ancient CPU
by ebasconp on Wed 22nd Apr 2015 14:25 in reply to "Ancient CPU"
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As far as I understand, the Leap market is mid-end market that does not need a full power unit in order to browse the web, listen to music, watch some videos, do social stuff and do occasional productivity stuff.

I like Blackberry 10 OS; it is very nice to use and with its Android "personality" I would suggest anyone to try it.

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RE: Ancient CPU
by tylerdurden on Wed 22nd Apr 2015 17:05 in reply to "Ancient CPU"
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Lack of engineering resources and capital. This is basically their 3 yr old Z10 platform repackaged, trying to squeeze the last drops they can from their dwindling market.

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RE: Ancient CPU
by unclefester on Fri 24th Apr 2015 02:22 in reply to "Ancient CPU"
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It is more than adequate. Corporate users don't need powerful phones.

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