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Android In June of last year, I finally decided to commit to an Android device. I had carried every flagship iPhone up through that point from the original iPhone to the 5S. To the world around me, I heaped the praise into a life transforming device, but in my tech circles, and on my blog, I frequently posted about my frustration, mostly with shackles and intentional limitations imposed. So last year, why I decided to make the jump to Android. I outlined 10 reasons why I was finally ready to make the jump to Android’s 4.4 release, KitKat. A year has passed. It's time to revisit my original assertions and complaints with some follow up and see where I stand one year later.
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I'll rephrase this in a more miled, less knee-jerk tone. OS X does not support MTP out of the box. Come to think of it, I am surprised that, with the number of 3rd party file managers there are for OS X, that none of them has implemented MTP. Actually, why not a fuse MTP implementation we could install using OSXFuse? I'm guessing that, what with the prolipheration of cloud storage and Android file transfer on top of that, no one has really seen the need for it. Feel free to write one though. OS X is not iOS, and we can install a filesystem driver easily. I'll be glad to beta test it for you.

You mean like this one?

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Maybe. Doesn't look like it's been maintained in a while except for updating copyright data, but I'll give it a shot. It'd need Mac integration with Finder and an installer package for people who don't want or know how to compile, but if it works it might be a little project I'd do. I don't have the knowledge to write filesystem drivers but I can integrate and package them.

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