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OS/2 and eComStation In the dawn of the end of IBM's OS/2 Stardock's CEO Brad Wardell pays his respects to the venerable operating system by writing a long article about the history of the OS. Stardock was one of the major third party software houses for OS/2 back in the day and so Brad has lived OS/2 from up close.
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IBM isn't a monolithic entity.
by rcsteiner on Tue 19th Jul 2005 14:36 UTC in reply to "Funny"
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As Brad mentioned in his article, IBM is really a series of fiefdoms, not a single coherent company. Because of this, parts of the company sometimes directly compete with each other, or will sometimes work towards opposite goals.

Some of the folks at IBM PSP were very good at following through on then OS/2 side, but IBM PCCO (the PC company) basically screwed them over when it came to preloads.

I think IBM's strategy with Linux makes sense. Why not use and support an operating system that is being developed by its own community and which seems to run on almost all platforms?

It takes a lot of development pressure off IBM's own people, and yet IBM still has a common platform across their entire line of hardware products.

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Indeed. A previous article on OS/2 a long time ago showed how the PC division preloaded Windows on their PCs because customers demanded it (thanks to a devious campagin by MS) while the OS division was fiercely opposed to this.

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