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For the past few years, we've been in a relatively healthy balance when it comes to our smartphones. Both Apple and Google provided us with relatively decent platforms that were pretty straightforward to use, provided us with interesting and useful functionality, and at mostly decent price points. In return, we accepted a certain amount of lock-in, a certain lack of control over our devices and the software platforms running on them. I felt comfortable with this trade-off, whether I was using an iPhone or an Android phone at the time.

Recently, however, I've been feeling like this balance in iOS and Android is tipping - and not in the right direction. The users' interests have taken a decided backseat to corporate interests, and the user experiences of the two platforms in question have, consequently, suffered, and I see little in the future to counteract this development

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RE[2]: Content Blockers = control?
by leos on Sat 5th Sep 2015 15:51 UTC in reply to "RE: Content Blockers = control?"
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"but to say that that is the sole or even primary purpose

It is. Otherwise, iAds would be blockable as well. Heck, if Apple really cared about the user, ads would not be allowed at all on iOS.

You are being intentionally misleading. It's not like Apple is letting their ads through. All content is blockable with Safari iOS content blocking, including iAds, assuming they existed on the web. Except they don't exist on the web so they cannot be blocked.

A totally separate issue is in-app advertising. This is not blockable using Safari content blocking (why would it be?). Given that iAds consitute about 3% of the mobile advertising revenue, clearly Apple is not allowing mobile ads to protect their couple bucks of revenue.

Safari content blocking has nothing to do with in-app advertising. Understand that first before commenting.

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