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The primary weapon manufacturers wield to keep consumers running for the dumpster rather than the screwdriver is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Passed in 1998, its purpose was to bring copyright law into the digital era. Among other things, this law makes it illegal for owners and unauthorized repair people to break technical locks over copyrighted content, including software. Fixers have been fighting for exemptions to the DMCA, and in October 2015 the United States Copyright Office finally adopted a new set, making it legal to unlock carrier-activated phones, tablets, wearables, and mobile hotspots. Owners can also jailbreak phones, tablets, and smart TVs, and modify the software on 3D printers, cars, tractors, and heavy equipment. Nevertheless, software in many electronics, including game consoles, is still protected by the DMCA. At-home modifications or repairs can constitute a copyright violation. At the least, it will void a device's warranty, but it potentially carries up to a $1,000,000 fine and 10 years in prison, and numerous researchers, hobbyists, and companies have been taken to court.

Isn't the future fun?

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RE[2]: Weapons Manufacturer?
by darknexus on Thu 25th Feb 2016 18:59 UTC in reply to "RE: Weapons Manufacturer?"
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"National security", a term used by U.S. government as excuse to break others countries and international laws.

And used to break it's own laws since 2001.

Glad you remembered that last bit. We get screwed by it ourselves just as much as everyone else does. Too bad we have no real say in it and our "voting" is pure theater.

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RE[3]: Weapons Manufacturer?
by ilovebeer on Thu 25th Feb 2016 19:46 in reply to "RE[2]: Weapons Manufacturer?"
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You got that right and it's especially obvious now they we're in a presidential election cycle. If you've caught the mainstream media reporting of it, it's like a telenovela version of Survivor that get's re-runned every 4 years. Sadly it seems the only place people don't think American politics is a complete joke is in America! Doesn't speak highly of a large segment of our population.

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RE[4]: Weapons Manufacturer?
by darknexus on Thu 25th Feb 2016 19:57 in reply to "RE[3]: Weapons Manufacturer?"
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Agreed. It's amazing the level of brainwashing the American public has been subjected to. I challenge anyone to find an American mainstream news source which actually presents news rather than opinions. Even our so-called news is created as entertainment rather than reporting. The public eat it up though because they've become so used to being entertained nonstop that they don't know what to do without it. The media, both social and otherwise, acts upon their minds like an addictive substance.
Disclaimer: I'm American myself. I'm speaking from the inside.

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