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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu The first preview release of (K)Ubuntu 6.04 Dapper Drake has been released. You can download Ubuntu here, and Kubuntu here. Screenshots can be found here and here.
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RE[9]: meh
by archiesteel on Sun 20th Nov 2005 19:12 UTC
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dylanmrjones, I usually appreciate your posts in other threads but calling my post stupid is uncalled for. It looks to me as if all you want is to pick a fight with me by saying that I want to start flamewars, which is in itself seems quite stupid.

I didn't say that you should use Konq, Amarok or K3b. I'm saying that I, personally, think they're the best apps of their kind. We're talking about personal taste here! I'm not saying that Xmms sucks, or that Firefox sucks (I use 32-bit Firefox on my 64-bit system to access flash websites and

What is best for me isn't necessarily what is best for you, but I can still say which apps I believe to be the best. You're then free to disagree. This can be done respectfully, in the spirit of open debate, without calling anyone stupid.

Stating personal preferences is not starting a flamewar. Saying "KDE suxx0rz" is. Can you see the difference? The former is positive affirmation (i.e. "I like this"), while the other is negative affirmation (i.e. "This sucks").

I am not trying to start or fuel a flamewar, which is why I've stated repeatedly that I think both DEs are great. In fact, I used Gnome exclusively for a little less than a year when I started to use Linux.

I think you owe me an apology.

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