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Earlier this year, rumors began to fly that Sony would release an upgraded version of the PlayStation 4, a console often called the PS4.5 or the PS4K by fans and press. Today, multiple sources have confirmed for us details of the project, which is internally referred to as the NEO. No price was provided, but previous reports indicate that the NEO would sell at $399. At time of publishing, Sony has not returned our request for comment, but we will update this story if the company responds.

The NEO will feature a higher clock speed than the original PS4, an improved GPU, and higher bandwidth on the memory. The documents we've received note that the HDD in the NEO is the same as that in the original PlayStation 4, but it's not clear if that means in terms of capacity or connection speed. Starting in October, every PS4 game is required to ship with both a "Base Mode" which will run on the currently available PS4 and a "NEO Mode" for use on the new console.

I'm not sure what to think of this. It just feels like this wouldn't go down well with consumers who just bought a regular PS4, and developers would have to actually worry about all of this, do additional testing, possibly extra coding, and so on. It feels needlessly convoluted, especially since the PS4 isn't that old to begin with.

Meanwhile, Microsoft claims it isn't interested in doing this, but you can bet your vanilla red pinky that Microsoft would follow suit in a heartbeat if this turns out to be a success.

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RE[3]: first 2 months...
by benoitb on Wed 20th Apr 2016 07:18 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: first 2 months..."
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PS1-PS2 is possible.
PS3: I wouldn't count on it due to the weak CPU the PS4 has.

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RE[4]: first 2 months...
by JLF65 on Wed 20th Apr 2016 20:09 in reply to "RE[3]: first 2 months..."
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It's fully possible, but only by recompiling the games. Seeing as that's how MS did all their BC on the XB360, many game devs are now used to that. I expect many PS3/XB360 games will get recompiled for the PS4/XBOne.

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