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If you miss the old Opera, the Opera of the Opera 12-era, then Vivaldi is for you. And if the current crop of browsers leaves you wanting more or you end up installing a dozen extensions to get things the way you like them, Vivaldi is well worth a look. But even if you never use this new browser directly, Vivaldi looks to have enough innovative new features that it's very likely some will end up in whatever browser you do use.

Vivaldi has certainly piqued my interest - especially since I'm having major issues with browsers on OS X. I prefer Chrome on Windows, but Chrome on OS X is far too resource-intensive and sucks tons of battery. Safari for OS X is very buggy for me (nine out of ten times it will refuse to load pages after waking from sleep, forcing you to restart the browser) and I'm experiencing a ton of bugs with YouTube in Safari.

So, I'm looking for a browser that I like on both Windows and OS X, and reading all the positive reports about Vivaldi, it's definitely worth a look.

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Too Bad
by Phucked on Thu 28th Apr 2016 23:49 UTC
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Too bad its just another Chromium/Chrome skin. And it manages to be slower and more bloated than Chrome or Opera on top of being closed sourced, sigh.

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RE: Too Bad
by Symgeosis on Fri 29th Apr 2016 03:28 in reply to "Too Bad"
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RE[2]: Too Bad
by Phucked on Fri 29th Apr 2016 06:59 in reply to "RE: Too Bad"
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I stand corrected on that point. ;)

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RE: Too Bad
by satai on Fri 29th Apr 2016 07:28 in reply to "Too Bad"
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It's no chromium derivate. It uses Blink but it's not chromium-based.

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