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Possibly the most despised feature of Windows 10 is advertisements. They show up in your apps list, lock screen, and even the Start Menu. Sadly, Microsoft plans to double the amount of Promoted Apps that you'll find hiding in the Start Menu when the Windows 10 Anniversary Update is released this summer.

To be fair, this supposedly only applies to fresh installs of Windows 10 (though that is unconfirmed), but it just feels so dirty. Apple is already stuffing iOS full of ads and unremovable ads disguised as applications, and now Microsoft is making Windows 10 worse too. This is a horrible trend.

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Just edit your hosts file
by Odwalla on Tue 17th May 2016 15:35 UTC
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Edit your hosts file, either on your PC or on your router, to block the domain(s) used to send the ads. I did this on my router a number of years ago to block XBox 360 dashboard ads. It worked great and to date I have to see an ad on either my XBox One or my Win 10 PC Microsoft must have a limited number of domains they use for OS ad serving.

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RE: Just edit your hosts file
by darknexus on Tue 17th May 2016 17:20 in reply to "Just edit your hosts file"
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Microsoft must have a limited number of domains they use for OS ad serving.

Shh, or they'll get more.

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They do get more, the server IP addresses change as does the DNS records. They are completely aware people (and unscrupulous ISPs) can and will redirect these hosts to other servers or localhost and provably change these servers as needed. Changing them will just prompt 10 to redirect to other ad servers. It's not just Windows 10, different MS services have different ad servers they contact. Skype has its own servers, the Xbox systems have their own, 10 has its own set, all of them easily changed. People not wanting ads in their system (and yes I've seen them in the lock screen though they are very unobtrusive -for now- watch for "Like what you see...?" it's an ad) are playing whac-a-mole. It's a losing game.

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