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Features, Office Microsoft intends to submit file formats for its new Office 12 applications to the European standards body ECMA International. The company hopes this will allay concern about its level of control over document formats. Update by AS: For the curious, here's a sample Office 12 file and a sample XPS file. (Note: Right click > Save As..., we're not configured to serve these files just yet.)
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RE[2]: Cost
by Tyr. on Tue 22nd Nov 2005 00:51 UTC in reply to "RE: Cost"
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Yes, however patent rights are not covered at all. So while you can use the technology for free, it doesn't guarentee that Microsloft won't sue you for reimplementing the technology.

Exactly, an approach which would lend itself magnificently to FUD attacks by Microsoft proxies. Noone likes to have the sword of Domocles above their heads. And having a wolf tell you not to worry it's not going to bite you isn't very reassuring either.

Second this would probably only last for one version of Office. After that the obligatory Microsoft feature-bloat would be added to the new version and the default MSOffice format would turn from a "standard file format" into a "standards-based file format" (but now with more features! the pr will exclaim)

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